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Software engineers with no assistant but a domain driven design

workshops by Syntia

When I look at the code I’m thinking how many times I have moved across workspaces to solve problems unnoticed. No matter how many times the problem repeats itself it is likely to belong to the anti-pattern group in the obsolete state. Tools for development such as linter and typescript compiler can ensure automation and traceability of the flaws in code and design that can speaks of the quality. The software system is more than a unit but the extent of work depends on its design and architecture.
“I am no longer working on product features but on enhancing design patterns and scaffolding that improves the products in one way to another from developer to the end-user experience. It’s only possible with a good team who isn’t afraid of starting over“.
Web software in 2022 is much more about learning to code that is replaceable and is well defined in processes and rules of domain. What pushes the teams forward isn’t the terms of technical strategy but the rush of the performance. Investing more time for a development by taking a break to start a routine of identifying the model design patterns in products is the right mindset to start with. When the model is modular, extensible and easy to maintain as the design reflects the business model, it improves the reusability and testability of the business domain objects. Some of the characteristics of a well designed domain model are:

  • Abstract model dissects functionality to the atomic level, allowing classification based on isolated layers of functionality aided in extraction of interactions between components, thereby revealing new vulnerabilities and characteristics of the model.

  • Isolated from other domains as well as other layers in the application architecture.

  • Ensure domain classes are reusable and unit-testable to avoid duplicate models and implementations of the same domain elements.

  • Dependencies aren’t coupled with other layers in the application on either side of the domain layer, layers are separated enabling easier maintenance, testing and versioning.

  • Minimum set of dependencies on any infrastructure frameworks will outlive tight coupling on any external frameworks.

  • The domain model should focus on a specific business operational domain. It should align with the business model, strategies and business processes.