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Re-creation proximity- multidisciplinary research of material science

research by Syntia

Multidisciplinary research into materiality is a way to get to the root of our way of doing things. Recreation open engineers and designers to confront each other and exchange knowledge in a continuous, lively and regenerating process.

The hand-knotted rugs made of wool evokes a temporarily interval of time in which the anatomy of each piece emerges and dissolves. This project is about the design approach questioning how to achieve sustainability with a circular economy in production-driven context by utilizing emerging technologies. 

One of the techniques to make hand-knotted rugs is a tufting. Tufting gun machine is used to automate the tufting process in the realm of rug making. I’m following this approach with insights from @unnecesaryinventions and @shop_last to learn about making a professional and stunning rugs.

The following three collections in collaboration with cc-tapis, an Italian company which produces contemporary hand-knotted rugs, are created in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans. Far from mass production, cc-tapis aims to offer a tailored service to those who understand and enjoy a high-end product, where a three month production time contains a story of ageless culture.

Moving Image by Perks And Mini

“So burn some incense, put a record on, strip down to your smalls and roll around on the floor wrapped up in a nice warm rug from someone you love.”

Narrowing the boundaries between fashion and design, cc-tapis and P.A.M. have developed a XXL floordrobe, turning iconic Perks And Mini pieces into an out of scale collection of 5 woollen rugs, suggesting a new way to furnish your space through disorder. 

Started in 2000 by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, P.A.M. (Perks & Mini) is an evolving collaboration between the two, their friends and creative contemporaries.

In style: Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey. Floordrobe collection- manufacturing artisanal supplier from India

Venus Power, a sign of life, a Manifesto signed by Patricia Urquiola

Schöner Wohnen, December 2021, Venus collection- proudly made by hand in Nepal

Black lines define the perimeter of floating shapes and identify the single letters. A mission statement that alludes to Graffiti Art, also applied in the collections hypnotic texture vortex of color.


Euphorbia Loop-De-Loop, inspired by drawings from Bethan Laura Wood, started as a cathartic practice during the lockdown

Sketching Euphorbia Sipolisii f. Crestata succulents, fascinated by their curls and by working together cc-tapis, Bethan developed a delicate triptych and a large single rug, made entirely in Himalayan wool. Every plant has a unique growing habit, creating wildly different formations like living calligraphy. By exploring the relationships we make with objects in our everyday lives, she questions how they can become cultural conduits. 

Tempore by Duccio Maria Gambi

DUPLEX – THE MILL BUILDING – 85 N 3RD ST. #107 – BROOKLYN NY11249. showcasing in MERGE exhibition

Tempore, Latin term denoting a temporary or provisional period. By analyzing the relationship between natural and artificial, the Italian designer Duccio Maria Gambi evoked the process of disintegration and re-appropriation that nature constantly operates on the space designed and lived by man. A relationship between movement and stillness, between growth and decay passing through different messages and consistencies living in a common permanent unit. 

Duccio Maria Gambi explored a wide path before opening his studio and workshop in 2012. His earliest influences were shaped by his studies in the Radical Design Movement and Milan’s architecture. He then worked in Rotterdam and Paris, mastering a variety of creative production processes. Thanks to this heterogenous background, he approaches design from a variety of directions. 

Elle-Decor Italia, designer Duccio Maria Gambi in atelier at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence