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Internet of Value (IoV) with decentralized technologies

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How companies are using blockchain as a technology? These three finalists from NBX Next Block expo 2022 are projects highly valued for bringing new developers into Web3 and creating a new jobs.

DeepSquare computing ecosystem

In this quarter DeepSquare migrated from Ethereum to Avalanche blockchain and are closely working with a research institutes towards sustainable high performance computing (HPC). It narrows down the analysis of environmental impact of HPC to their services and applies evaluation of the infrastructure Power Usage Effectiveness quantifying ratio between the total power consumption of a data centres and the amount of energy consumed.

It serves a variety of enterprises including AI and ML companies, SMEs and corporates, finance and research institutions, media production and game development, blockchains, decentralised applications,- built and running on a high performance marketplace for HPC. These enterprises will be a part of DeepSquare blockchain projects rather than turn to the centralised tech giants.

Blockchain projects that are integrated with ensure the decentralised the HPC ecosystem. Such a systemic change in organisation will sustain circular economies to reduce the environmental impact, stimulate profit sharing and encourage innovation.

DeepSquare has committed delivering HPC as a service in the most transparent and environmentally friendly fashion possible.

Spill the tea.xyz

From the creator of brew, tea.xyz is a standalone package registry for entire open source ecosystem founded by Homebrew creator Max Howell. Tea package registry is powered by a Byzantine fault-tolerant blockchain to eliminate single sources of failure and provide immutable releases.  It takes open source to the next level by incentivising the maintenance and allowing network participants to stake value against the packages they depend on and want to secure and prevent malevolent intent.

This immutable decentralised registry has been designed to distribute value based on an algorithm that determines each entry’s contribution to the system’s utility and health.

The story of How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript. Software integrity needs to be guaranteed as the industry progresses towards a future where digital assets are part of the software. Most of the package managers cannot guarantee their public packages built into the apps and dApps are the unaltered code published by their original authors. Microsoft’s GitHub has found that 17% of vulnerabilities in software were planted for malicious purposes for more than a year before its discovery. (ref, zero-day vulnerability)

A decentralized registry augmented by a contribution and reward based system has been designed to expose bad actors and reward a good actors, the unpaid maintainers who thanklessly create the stack that powers the Internet. 

Click to access tea.white-paper.pdf


Elympics is a cloud networking engine for the web3 multiplayer game development. It is advanced on a high level fraud prevention both desktop and mobile. Thanks to automating and abstracting the most repetitive tasks it slashes the cost of the entire game development process, which opens the door to play-to-earn multiplayer games to small and medium teams. With the server authoritative approach developers can focus on the game development provisioning complexity and conflict resolution.

With community learning resources such as templating onboard the new users of Elympics framework integrating the multiplayer games with blockchain, and infrastructure is provided for Esports and P2E game developers to scale the multiplayer game development cost effective and easier way!



Not only Blockchain makes it possible to receive medical care and pay for these services in cryptocurrency, the micropayment model captures every detail of the patient’s activity related to the treatment review. These records are medical data in digital format that are created and stored by various healthcare institutions. Blockchain addresses accessibility, interoperability and authentication by linking electronic health records and distributing ownership of records among all stakeholders. It helps to create a reliable network of suppliers to improve patient’s safety. 

The Interplanetary File System protocol (IPFS) allows versioned file data to be stored decentralised. The file system creates a basic configurable IED description which ensures that all versions of files are identical. The hash returned by IPFS incorporates the hashes of previous blocks and allow users to access their data. Since blockchain files are immutable it creates a new file every time.

The signature keys are controlled entirely by the user, making it impossible for a third party to access the files. Because of each shard chain have a unique transaction history and a set of nodes to validate new transactions, multiple shard chains can run simultaneously to improve network latency and processing in parallel. It allows users to access data by querying any node on the network thus limiting centralisation and a single point of failure.

Eclipse attack traffic is very similar to normal traffic in behaviour features. Similar to DoS it is a typical blockchain network layer attack that adds a massive number of malicious nodes to the neighbour node set of normal nodes by overrunning the routing table of the blockchain network’s nodes. It can gradually assume control of the blockchain network layer channels and increasing number of nodes.

Structure of proposed eclipse traffic detection model, ref

The improved synthetic minority oversampling technique (ISMOTE) up-sampling algorithm is employed to eliminate interference caused by the uneven distribution of eclipse attack traffic samples on the detection results. It adjusts the sampling weight of minority class samples, supports automatic clustering and efficient up-sampling, and improves the detection accuracy performance of attack by calculating the local cluster density.

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