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Code And Chaos- A Day In 2050

projects by Syntia

“Code and Chaos” book series by Sintija Birgele. Machine code is set of commands and instructions readable by computer, which is used to control a computer’s central processing unit in predictable manner. While software isn’t always perfectly designed or determined, it always leads to the output which, in the right circumstances, becomes the problem solving key.

“A Day In 2050” is an illustrative short story about how I imagine our future in software engineering will look like 27 years from now on. Questions like how our daily work routine will setup each day for success in life threatening circumstances like natural hazards, or will humanity be lost in the midst of chaos and survival?  

This book contains interactive features with enlarged font size to enhance readability for kids. To make the dialogue complement visible double-tap any image on the screen and it will expand for easier reading. Access to electronic book via device or tablet that supports color illustrations is highly recommended.

“Code And Chaos- A Day In 2050” ebook version is available now on Amazon https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0CJQMCDM4