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About Syntia

Syntia (aka Sintija Birgele) Born 1996 in Riga, Latvia. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Sintija’s software and work have been used in many enterprise companies in Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Germany. In 2005 she enrolled Start(IT), the first social educational project of the IT Education Foundation in Latvia, which develops the digital skills of pupils and students with the aim of providing opportunity to learn design thinking through self-learning. It has become one of the most popular work methodologies in leading ICT companies in Latvia and the world. Later she enrolled studies at Riga Technical University faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies. In 2015 she started her career in cloud computing, and web software engineering specializing in information technology services and consulting. She has worked with the various clients around the globe- multinational electric utility company, leader of global crane industry with the largest service network and services of machine tools, manufacturer of luxury vehicles, wine distributors in Germany, and global insurtech company based in Berlin.

She has been working with various artists in group exhibitions featuring digital and visual arts, urban-scale installations and curation of public events. Her field of study focuses on Human-computer interaction targeting the the design and implementations of interactive technologies. Her experience as a writer covers technical writing in process of providing and sharing technical information in a professional setting, content creation for her website, and establishing curriculum for the teachers at digital integration non-profit tech school for migrants and marginalized groups, where she is teaching Web developement basics in last two years.

Sintija has been pursuing her skills in professional sports and open water diving. She studied ballet and contemporary dance at PAS (Performing Art Studios in Munich) for two years and “Tanz als Beruf” pre-education at university Danceworks Berlin. She has been complementing her professional life with the intermediate and advanced training.

Now Sintija mostly enjoys traveling across Europe to broaden her professional network and aiming for new goals such as triathlon and freediving championships, attending conferences, contributing to organizations and businesses by consulting.